Who we are

MV&Co. is a company that understands food in its most natural, unrefined and complete form.

We are passionate about food and sustainability. We seek to reconnect people to food, promoting a healthy lifestyle for you and the planet through the production of minimally processed foods.

We encourage local businesses in the Vale do Paraíba region, at the foot of the Serra da Mantiqueira, acting with respect for the producer and the land, thus delivering a unique product in the world. Our planting region expresses the intimate relationship between human action and the microclimate of the region, in a terroir that develops its own aromas and flavors.

We have the infrastructure and logistics necessary to take food from small producers throughout Brazil through our two distribution centers, located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, operating with nationwide coverage.
We believe that sustainability should be practiced through valuing the entire production chain, from the selection of seeds, the way of planting, to distribution and contact with the consumer.

Our mission

Our quest is to transform people's relationship with food, delivering the best the land has to offer. For this, we select producers who work in a more sustainable way. Everything that arrives at your table is carefully thought out to offer a more nutritious, wholesome food with a sophisticated flavor.

Our Philosophy

We believe that we are part of a whole within the cycle of nature. Therefore, we understand that the knowledge necessary to live in harmony with oneself and the planet is inherent to every Human Being. Health is a benefit built from the inside out through the choices we make every day, and nature provides everything we need to nurture us holistically.

A "Simply Natural" life is our philosophy.

Our values

  • High quality natural products
  • Strengthening the local economy
  • Promotion of healthy eating
  • Creation of local and global community
  • Respect for the environment
  • Conscious production
  • Trading with purpose
  • Our vision

MV&Co intends to become a reference in the delivery of locally produced high nutritional value foods in order to make them available to consumers throughout the country. We believe that the sustainable, conscious and family farming-based mode of production is our way of transforming people's relationship with food, bringing them closer to the countryside and offering products of controlled origin, making the act of eating part of an experience. of self-care.

We send your product

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