Our quest is to transform people's relationship with food, delivering the best that the land has to offer

We are always search for sustentability. Everything that arrives at your table is carefully thought out to offer a more nutritious, wholesome food with a sophisticated flavor.


Brazilian Birds

Our packages have the colors of the Brazilian birds that spread across the farms in the Paraíba Valley where Arroz de Altitude is cultivated. They are: swallow-tail, black-hatted shank, blood tie, blue-bell and saíra-militar.


Unique farming conditions

Our rice is grown in a specific Terroir 700m above sea level, influenced by the unique microclimate at the foot of Serra da Mantiqueira, such as intense sunlight during the day followed by cold nights, natural soil drainage, irrigation by local streams and planting techniques similar to those used in wineries.


Terroir Rice

Due to terroir, our plants are forced to develop resistance. They strengthen the pericarp of your grains in order to protect them from thermal amplitude and soil drainage, creating a thick, nutritious husk. What makes our rice tasty is the strengthening of the pericarp.

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